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No. of Pages : 62
ISBN: 9781938301087
eISBN: 9781938301070
Released : 5/1/2013

The Lonely Shadow

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Book Description

Award winning author/illustrator Clay Rice has created a beautifully poetic tale about a boy's shadow who has lost his boy and goes in search for him. "I have no you, you have no me, you and me we have no we, but if I find you and you find me, happy we will always be." The Lonely Shadow sings a universal song. Clay Rice brings the shadow to life and allows us to take a journey with him in search of something, someone who connects with him. It's a story of longing, a story of discovery, a story of friendship.

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Praise for The Lonely Shadow

"Visions of real depth, Clay Rice excels at his craft." —Atlanta Constitution

"A great talent who combines soul and passion." —Pat Conroy

"Children and their parents will appreciate the elegance and novelty of silhouette art which so perfectly complements this original tale. Entertaining and unique, The Lonely Shadow is highly recommended for family, school, and community library collections." —The Midwest Book Review

About the Author

Clay Rice
Clay Rice is described by author Pat Conroy as a “great talent who combines soul and passion”. Silhouette artistry and storytelling have been in his family for more than 80 years. His grandfather, Car...

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