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A family eating cookies together, with the youngest child feeding a cookie to their grandma.

History of the Cookie: 14 Deliciously Fun Facts about Cookies

The history of the cookie is long and delicious. Here are fourteen fun facts about cookies that you probably don’t know. Cookies, in their many
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A kid shoveling snow in a neighbor’s driveway to give back during the holiday season.

12 Ways to Give Back during the Holidays

Although the weather is cold, the season of giving is full of warmth and joy. Spread the cheer with these ideas that help you give
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A boy hugging his mother while she’s sitting on a bed and trimming a baby’s fingernails.

5 Ways Practicing Gratitude Can Improve Your Health

A gratitude journal or service project, practicing gratitude has benefits that extend far beyond being kind: it can actually improve your health. All the time
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Woman holding shopping bags and a man’s hand as they shop together on Black Friday.

12 Tips to Survive Black Friday Shopping

Crowds and long lines are enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Survive Black Friday shopping with these twelve tips. The pumpkin
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A happy family talking over Thanksgiving dinner while avoiding controversial topics.

7 Controversial Topics You Should NOT Discuss at Thanksgiving (and 7 You Should)

Arguing politics over the turkey? Steer your family away from these seven controversial topics at Thanksgiving dinner with these seven conversation starters. With large crowds
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A dad helping his daughter carve a turkey at Thanksgiving dinner while the mom watches.

17 Tips to Save Thanksgiving Dinner

From planning ahead to fixing overcooked turkeys to avoiding politics at the dinner table, we’ve got all the tips you need to save Thanksgiving dinner.
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