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Our Story

One winter morning in 2012, Familius co-founder Christopher Robbins had a life-changing idea. He envisioned a publishing company that was founded and focused on helping families be happy. He saw a company that published and created books, ebooks, audiobooks, videos, a podcast, blogs, articles, and conferences. He saw a way to bring people together who had the same objective, regardless of what type of family they had: to have a happy family. He saw a company that would align his love of books, publishing, and, most importantly, family to help create a better world.

On February 15, 2012, after being in the publishing world for twenty years in both books and magazines, while simultaneously raising their nine precocious children, Christopher and his wife, Michele Robbins, launched that company and called it Familius, a play on the Latin word for family. They then cemented the company’s purpose with the tagline and mission “Helping Families Be Happy”—a mission that governs everything the company does.

Familius has always been about family, and Christopher and Michele, never satisfied with what some would consider an extremely large family, wanted to invite anyone interested in their mission to bring their creativity and interests and join the Familius family. Adding interns exploring publishing for the first time and seasoned veterans in the book industry, Familius has grown from Michele and Christopher to a robust company that includes a group of diverse people from unique family backgrounds working throughout the world. This diversity provides the unique lens that enables Familius to help families from Asia to the Americas, Europe to Africa.

Realizing that the mission needed even greater direction, Familius created the 10 Habits of Happy Families, a list of ten habits that the company believes, when followed, dramatically improve family life. These simple habits now direct the company’s content acquisition strategy and online Habit Hub, an online library of articles written by professionals that help anyone add a bit more happiness to their family.

Today, Familius has succeeded in becoming one of the fastest-growing independent publishing companies in the United States year after year according to Publishers Weekly. And while the industry accolades are appreciated, what is more important is that since its birth, Familius has gathered hundreds of authors, illustrators, and contributors who have taken up the mission to help families be happy. With hundreds of books in print, distributed throughout the world, Familius has expanded to include award-winning and top-selling children’s board books, picture books, cookbooks, reference books, gift books, puzzles, and even regional books that celebrate the unique and important aspects of states, cities, and countries. Familius books have received top awards in design and content. Reviews have been celebratory. Its Helping Families Be Happy Podcast has become a top parenting podcast internationally. And its mission is fulfilled by those touched and influenced by what the company publishes.

We are confident that the future is bright and that, one family at a time, Familius will help the world be a bit happier. We invite you and your unique and amazing family to join our mission.

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