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How to Encourage the Love of Reading

When we received the news of our first pregnancy, my husband and I were overjoyed. One of the first things we shared with our little …

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Hey, Mom. Worry Less in Four Simple Steps

I’ll never forget what my mom said right after I told her I was expecting my first child. She said, “Now, you’ll never have a …

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How to Keep Your Partnership Steady After a Baby

Having a baby is hard on a relationship.But you can keep your partnership steady after having a baby! It seems that no matter how much …

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How to Start a Conversation with Gen-Zers

When it comes to Generation-Z—young people born between 1997 and 2012—my number one piece of advice to start a conversation with Gen-zers is: If you …

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The Morning Routine: Getting Your Family Out the Door

Summer break is over, and the days of slow, routine-less mornings are giving way to alarm clocks and school bells. While most parents feel at …

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Can Video Games Help My Kid Succeed?

I had just criticized my fifteen-year-old son for staying on his video game longer than we had agreed. I could hear him laughing, talking, and …

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