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A dad dressing his son.

15 Dad Hacks to Save the Day

Like Iron Man and his suit or Thor and his hammer, Dads and dad hacks just go together. Use these tips and tricks to be …

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A brother and sister with a stack of books on their heads.

12 Educational Activities for a Summer That Kids Will Love

School’s out for summer! And so are your kid’s brains. Help your kids keep learning over summer break with these twelve educational activities. When summer …

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A mom and daughter, who has frosting on her nose, sitting by a window and eating donuts together.

5 Fun Facts about National Donut Day (+ Our Favorite Recipe!)

Everybody loves a good donut; that’s why we gave them a holiday! Celebrate these delicious treats with five fun facts you should know about National …

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Dad and daughter sitting on a bed and reading a book together.

10 Bookish Gifts for Dad

Buying gifts for Dad can be hard, but you can never go wrong with a book. These ten books are the perfect gifts for Father’s …

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A mom and dad reading with their two daughters in a blanket fort.

8 Steps to Setting Summer Reading Goals for Kids (and Yourself)

Summer is a time of endless sun, and it can also be a time of endless books! Set summer reading goals for your family and …

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A mom and daughter waving at a computer screen.

Unplugging Parenthood: How My Screen Time Impacts My Kids

Scrolling through Instagram, watching TV, surfing the web—the uses of technology are endless! But did you know, your screen time as a parent can impact …

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