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A group of kids reading in the library.

Don’t Laugh in the Library: 10 Must-Know Library Rules

Forget “don’t laugh in the library.” Learn these ten library rules to help you and your kids have fun without upsetting the librarian. When you ...
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A boy writing on a paper while contemplating literary devices in poetry.

12 Literary Devices to Help Kids Read and Love Poetry

Teach your child to read and love poetry with these twelve literary devices. Then nothing, not Robert Frost or Shakespeare, will trip them up. Introducing ...
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Mom and child dancing in the rain.

The Art of Dancing in the Rain: How to Laugh in Times of Adversity

The key to overcoming adversity is dancing in the rain. By finding joy in times of hardship, we can become healthier and happier. There are ...
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A father and son talking about lying.

What to Do If Your Child Is Lying

A child’s lies are hard on both parents and children. If your child is lying, here’s what you can do, from common signs to conversation ...
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A boy and his dog walking down the path less traveled from Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken."

3 Essential Messages from Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”

Use these three messages to get a better understanding of Robert Frost’s poem—for yourself or to help your child with homework. The joy of poetry ...
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A mother and father playing pranks on their son.

15 Family-Friendly Pranks for April Fools’ Day

These pranks will liven up April Fools’ Day with laughter. Your family may know a prank is coming, but they can’t stop it! If there’s ...
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