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A mom and dad kissing their daughters' cheeks while sitting on a blanket in a park.

Who’s the Favorite Parent?: What It Means and How to Handle It

Before kids have a best friend, they have a favorite parent. And if that parent isn’t you, feelings can get hurt. Here’s how you can ...
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A girl wearing a harness balancing on a wooden plank.

Turning Gratitude into Confidence

Confidence, a steadfast belief in oneself, begins with gratitude. Read along to find out how being thankful can turn into healthy self-esteem. Confidence is the ...
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A dad and teen girl reading books together.

7 Key Strategies to Help Fathers Survive the Teen Girl

Most fathers have trouble understanding the teen girl. But these seven key strategies will have dads well on their way to building a better relationship. ...
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A father measuring the height of his son.

Supporting Children through Change: The 7 Most Common Childhood Transitions

A new sibling or a new school year, change is stressful for kids. With these tips, guide your child through the seven most common childhood ...
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A dad and child playing with toy trucks and excavators outside.

8 Ways Kids Benefit from Playing with Dad

While playtime with Mom and friends are important, playing with Dad offers 8 unique benefits kids won’t get anywhere else. One of the best things ...
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A happy asian woman touching the belly of pregnant black woman.

Depression during Pregnancy: How to NOT Feel Like Your Life Is Over

You’ve heard about postpartum depression, but what about depression during pregnancy? Here are some strategies to help new moms feel better. I wanted a baby, ...
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