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Slide Have Scary Thoughts Learn More KAREN KLEIMAN, MSW
Good Moms Heal Together This Book Helps Families: Learn Together
Learn More Zach Bush
Illustrations by Gregorio de Lauretis
Made for Me Read Together Of all the children that ever could be, You are the one made just for me.

Filled with adorable illustrations and a sweet refrain, Made for Me is a winning presentation of tender moments that tie a father and his new child together—forever.
This Book Helps Families: Love Together

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How to Get Your Family Moving

Many families have a goal to be more active this year. When we make movement a habit, we set our children up for healthier lives, …

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New Year, New You

Typically, as we start a new year, we reflect on our lives and reprioritize our goals. A new year can feel like a fresh start, …

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5 Keys for Connecting with Teens

If you have a teenager, you understand that parenting a teen can sometimes feel like trying to hug a hedgehog. Gosh, they’re cute when they …

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Writing Your Script for an Awesome 2022

You are the protagonist of your own story. You star in the movie and also write the script. Why wouldn’t you choose to make it …

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7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Money in 2022

Student debt, credit card debt, investing, retirement planning, general financial stability, and tax prep. We all have areas of our financial life that are going …

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Understanding and Healing from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Do you feel blue as winter approaches? Do you struggle with wintertime sluggishness and feelings of depression? Does the change of seasons have a noticeably …

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