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A mother and daughter picking a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch and putting it in their red wagon.

21 Classic Fall Activities for Families

Cozy movie nights or apple picking, these classic fall activities will give your family a fun taste of the season. Fall is a season synonymous …

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A grandma sharing family history with her granddaughter, who is hugging her from behind.

Sharing Family History with Kids

Whatever history kids learn in school, family history is way cooler. The key is sharing family history with kids using these helpful tips. “In 1492 …

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A mother and child mixing a pumpkin dough, with various small pumpkins on the counter.

Spice Up Your Fall Traditions

The first day of autumn is right around the corner. It’s time to start spicing up your fall traditions with these cultural celebrations and tips. …

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A mom and daughter talking on a bed.

25 Questions to Ask Your Child Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

Don’t know what to ask your child other than “How was your day?” Liven up your after school conversations with these twenty-five questions. Do your …

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A parent and child playing in fallen leaves during the fall season.

14 Ways for Families to Prepare for Fall

Raking leaves, playing sports, or planning for holidays, this to-do list will help your family prepare for fall without the stress. Back to School, falling …

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A family smiling and talking over a breakfast table.

Starting Conversations about Culture with Food

Everyone has to eat and loves eating (unless you’re a robot), so starting conversations with food is the best way to bridge the gap between …

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