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A kid reading with his dog.

7 Ways to Use Reading to Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

We can’t—and shouldn’t—quantify our worth. But we should use these reading techniques to help our children build self-esteem. Have you ever tried to sell an ...
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A man carrying his son on his shoulders.

3 Negative Thoughts Parents Can Reframe Positively

Negative thoughts are natural but not useful. Give your family environment a new outlook by reframing these three negative thoughts. Parenting is a journey filled ...
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A couple in yellow raincoats running on the shore chasing birds.

Do You Pass the Bird Test?: How Being Attentive Can Save Your Relationship

Failing the bird test doesn’t mean the end of your relationship. Instead, it’s the start of building a more attentive, connected relationship. It’s a misconception ...
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A cheerful couple working on the family finances while sitting at the coffee table with a calculator.

10 Tips for Managing Family Finances without the Stress

Family finances have you stressed? Here are some of the top tips for getting your family ready to save and spend with leisure no matter ...
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A couple practicing yoga together to take care of their aging bodies.

10 Tips for Loving Your Body While Aging

Aging is natural; everybody goes through it. But loving your body at every age takes a certain skill, so here are some tips to help. ...
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A family of a father, mother, and two kids talking in the living room.

How to Prevent Arguments by Changing Your Tone of Voice

It’s not what you say but how you say it. Your tone of voice can have just as big of an impact in preventing arguments ...
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