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No. of Pages : 158
eISBN: 9781938301506
Released : 11/12/2012

The Familius Christmas Anthology

Stories, Poems, Recipes, and Activities to Celebrate the Christmas Spirit
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Book Description

Christmas is a time for family and there’s no better way of helping your family enjoy the Christmas spirit than by taking time each night to explore the annual Familius Christmas Anthology. Filled with stories, poems, recipes, and activities to make Christmas time enjoyable, this collection is literally stuffed with feel-good content and activities that will bring your family together. The stories include such favorites as the The Gift of Magi by O’Henry to the moving The Child Who Had Everything But. . . by John Kendrick Bangs. The anthology also includes favorite poems like “Long Ago” by Christina Rossetti and, of course, “God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen” among many others. And delicious family favorite recipes provide an invitation to spend time at the family table, whether you’re enjoying Spiced Sugar Cookie Truffles or a simple pot of White Hot Chocolate. And don’t forget to round out your Christmas holiday with family activities like building Graham Cracker Cottages or playing Jack Frost Tag. The Familius Christmas Anthology is a fantastic way of enjoying this wonderful holiday and making sure your family enjoys it, together.

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Kristy Stewart
Kristy is a freelance editor and English master's student by day and a fledgling mother at all hours.

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