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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781641702553
Released : 9/1/2020


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Book Description

A cold wind blows, and snow starts to fall,
Mouse hides in a den that’s cozy and small.
Snuggling into a wee-sized heap,
ONE begins snoring and drifts off to sleep.
Count to ten with these cuddly forest creatures as they settle down and hibernate for the winter. Friends of all sizes, from bear to mouse, pile together in one furry heap to endure the snowy season. With adorable illustrations and rhyming verse, Snoozapalooza will warm even the deepest chill.
They doze and they dream, tucked out of sight,
A snoozapalooza all day and all night.

About the Author

Kimberlee Gard
Kimberlee Gard was a reluctant reader as a child and struggled with a learning disorder through her elementary years. Reading...

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