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No. of Pages : 126
ISBN: 9781938301032
eISBN: 9781938301025
Released : 10/10/2012

Muddling Through

Perspectives on Parenting
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Book Description

When I was asked to write this book it was not because I am an accredited child rearing expert. I have no degree, credentials or recognition as a child raising expert. I am a professional storyteller who occasionally tells stories about parenting. Here’s an important credential I do hold: I have won the West Virginia Liars’ Contest five times. The advice I offer, however, is honest. I have two kids who, at this writing, are eight and eleven years old. That gives me nineteen collective years in the parenting trenches. I cannot claim to be a successful parent. I’m not sure when any parent can deem their job a success. Your child’s whole life will be greatly determined by the portion they spend with you. I am offering what advice I can with the idea that I think my wife and I are doing pretty well.

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Praise for Muddling Through

"Bil Lepp—think Jeff Foxworthy with the comedic patience of Bill Cosby." —Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal

About the Author

Bil Lepp
A storyteller, author, and recording artist, Lepp’s works have received awards and recognition from The Parents’ Choice Foundation, The National Parenting Publications Assoc., Storytelling World, and ...

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