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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781938301063
eISBN: 9781938301056
Released : 5/1/2013

Mama, Let's Make a Moon

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Book Description

"Mama let's make a moon; it won't cost too much. We'll use second-hand stardust And leftover love; We'll stuff it with silly And marshmallow goo And paint it with promise. Mama, Let's make a moon."

Award winning and nationally recognized author/illustrator Clay Rice has created a beautifully poetic tale about a humble mountain family who decide to make a moon. Created with Rice's renowned individual paper cut art, the fun begins when the brother and sister start collecting the “ingredients.” The “Recipe For A Moon” contains everything from “a stream full of silver, a swan’s starry shine, and 2 ‘possum’s paws of dream dust from the imagination mine.” Along the way they teach the reader about love, the importance of relationships, and the joy of making something from nothing.

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Praise for Mama, Let's Make a Moon

"A great talent who combines soul and passion." —Pat Conroy

"In this imaginative and poetic narrative, a sister enlists her mother’s and younger brother’s help in making a round silver moon and hanging it to the sky. Folklike silhouette paper cuttings over watercolor backgrounds portray the family’s delight in creating something out of nothing. Mama finds a recipe in a box tied with a lock of hair, and the children collect ingredients, including silver from a stream, three jars of fireflies, some marshmallow goo, a dipper of dew, and milk of moo. Soft rhymes move the creation story forward until 'they made a BIG moon as wide as the sky' and, with the help of the forest animals, roll and lift it into the sky, 'hung in the heavens, from star steps of love.' The tale begs to be read aloud, especially at bedtime, with a loved one snuggled close. The detailed and unique illustrations depicting rural mountain life complement the characters’ spirit of adventure and sense of family closeness." —Julie R. Ranelli, Queen Anne’s County Free Library, Stevensville, MD

About the Author

Clay Rice
Clay Rice is described by author Pat Conroy as a “great talent who combines soul and passion”. Silhouette artistry and storytelling have been in his family for more than 80 years. His grandfather, Car...

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