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No. of Pages : 200
ISBN: 9781942672906
Released : 8/11/2015

Intentional Conversations

How to Rethink Everyday Conversation and Transform Your Career
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Book Description

Using the engaging story of an outgoing business-founder father and the incoming CEO son, international speaker, Fortune 500 strategist, and best-selling management author Ken Tucker explores the challenging skill sets required to navigate conflict and crucial conversations effectively.  Drawing upon decades of experience in the corporate and government worlds, Tucker teaches leaders how to say what they really need to say and say it right so that their people and organizations execute the results they want and need.  Intentional Conversations includes: Context and conversations that lead to good results and those that don't. How leaders can use the SECRET process to enhance their success at work and in life. Creative sidebars and QR media links that illustrate the principles in the book. For anyone who has experienced emotion-rich communication struggle, Intentional Conversations will bring clarity to this important leadership skill set. 

Praise for Intentional Conversations

"Conversation seems like such a natural thing. But is it? Ken Tucker thinks it is more important than we realize - and that we need to learn how to converse! With intriguing insights and revealing stories he helps us to understand how conversation can be intentional, rewarding, and enriching in work, family, and everyday life."

—Leighton Ford, President, Leighton Ford Ministries


"This is a much needed book—the key frustration between employers and employees in conversation is that some genuinely do not know how to have a dialogue; and when they do, there often is void because of what was or was not said. Providing a tool to help people positively construct a conversation is fantastic. I also like your use of analogies in the book."

—Florence Hamm, Consultant


Intentional Conversations will shake up how you think about conversations. Ken will set you on a new trajectory to creating productive conversations that advance mission-critical organizational objectives, promote relational longevity and take the fear out of difficult interactions. Using the practical tools provided in Intentional Conversations is like having a personal conversation coach guiding you each step of the way!"

—Jenny Rain, Communications Director

"Ken's new book is very profound. What a startling but simple concept that can strategically enhance relationships in organizations, groups, and marriages. The SECRET concept is rememberable and easy to embrace. Ken brings forth in Intentional Conversations how beneficial having a meaningful conversation really is, but the true power of the book is that it clearly explains how to have an intentional conversation."

—Robert Jacks, 

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Ken Tucker
As a thought leader, Ken Tucker brings many years of being a highly sought-after speaker and...

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