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No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781641700436
Released : 1/2/2019

I'll Love You for Always

With 6 Real Love Notes to Write and Keep Forever!
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Book Description

Oh dearest one, it’s hard to tell you
Everything you’ll need.
Here, at least, you have my love to 
Read, and read, and read.


Where’er you go, whate’er you do,
Have peace. Be calm. Be still.
My love will keep surrounding you.
It does. It always will.


Nothing can stop your love from reaching your child, and in I'll Love You for Always, that love is always on hand in the form of 6 beautiful notes that you can write straight into the book! As a young child travels through life's peaks and valleys, sunshine and shadow, colorful love birds appear carrying 6 different notes of love and reassurance. Some notes fold out from the pages, some are tucked in envelopes, and all of them include simple prompts that invite parents to write heartfelt expressions that will be treasured for years to come. The perfect I-love-you book for bedtime, birthdays, celebrations, and even grown-up graduations, I'll Love You for Always is a timeless gift your children will cherish long past childhood.

About the Author

Peter Hinckley
Peter Hinckley is child number five in a family of seven children. He has been writing and drawing since he was a kid, though...

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