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No. of Pages : 16
ISBN: 9781641700092
Released : 8/10/2018

Fourteen Animals (That Are Definitely Not an Octopus)

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Book Description

In this hilarious book of animals, artist Gabe Pyle presents fourteen beloved animals who are definitely not an octopus—or are they? Observant youngsters will love uncovering each octopus cleverly disguised in 14 animals' shapes. Based on the immensely popular Threadless t-shirt, 14 Animals (That Are Definitely Not an Octopus) is a fresh, witty romp through the animal kingdom that even adults will find hard to resist.

About the Author

Gabe Pyle
Gabe Pyle is an illustrator and professor of design and creativity. He lives in Columbus, OH, with his wife and tiny black ca...

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