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No. of Pages : 238
ISBN: 9781938301230
eISBN: 9781938301247
Released : 6/10/2013

Body Fit

A Beginner's Guide to Fitness
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Book Description

“My goal is to empower you to train yourself.  This is why I want to give you a strong foundation of fitness education in weight training, cardio, nutrition, and keeping the right mental attitude—so that you can live a healthy lifestyle forever.” From Body Fit

If you have ever wondered if weight lifting is for you or have been confused on what to do to get in the best shape of your life  Body Fit  is for you. Greg Marshall, who has helped thousands of fitness beginners achieve their fitness goals, cuts through the overhyped exercise advice and provides a simple step-by-step path to better health, more endurance, a stronger body and a happier you. Marshall carefully and succinctly explains the how and why to specific workout programs, the importance of nutrition, and the often ignored importance of understanding our body image. Body Fit empowers you with life-long fitness lessons so you can stop the yo-yo effect and start seeing lasting results that will improve every aspect of your life.

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Praise for Body Fit

"This book will give you the insights and tools to be successful in your own fitness and I strongly recommend this read." —Jeremy Strom, creator of the rip:60 training system

About the Author

Greg Marshall
Greg Marshall has helped more than four thousand clients reach their fitness goals through his unique personal training programs. His experience includes large chain gyms and private programs. He ...

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