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Libby Kiszner has a background in counseling both kids and adults with degrees from the Refuah Institute in Counseling and the Narrative Therapy Institute, plus additional training in psychology from the University of Phoenix. She also holds a degree from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
Kisner has been writing her weekly advice column, Dear Libby, in Mispacha Junior magazine for the past twelve years. Mishpacha is the number one Orthodox Jewish magazine; its family of publications includes flagship Mishpacha Jewish Family Weekly, women’s interest magazine Mishpacha Family First, and Mishpacha Junior for kids.
In addition, Kiszner is an independent marketing consultant. As the founder and CEO of Your Magnetic Story, she helps women package their unique gifts into a sellable product or service to maximize their business potential. She teaches practical tools and processes to create a solid foundation for their business, assisting them to increase profits while reaching a higher level of meaning in their lives. Kiszner is also the author of two previous books, Extraordinary Stories about Ordinary People (2008) and Dear Libby: Real Kids Raising Real Questions and Libby’s Sound Advice (2006—covering a range of topics from siblings and parents to fears and loneliness, targeted to adults rather than kids).
When she's not writing or telling stories, she's busy singing and dancing with her large family. She's a renaissance soul: a momma, friend, teacher, speaker, coach, marketer, writer, storyteller, laundry-doer, homework helper, dishwasher, and, well, you get the idea. She currently live in Jerusalem and enjoys visiting her former home, Brooklyn, NY.
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