Helping families be happy
No. of Pages : 32
ISBN: 9781938301940
eISBN: 9781938301957
Released : 10/1/2013

Angel Birthdays

A Day to Remember, A New Way to Heal, A Celebration of Life
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Book Description

When Gracie and Jake’s Grandma passes away, these children come up with a brilliant plan to help them grieve and celebrate their grandma’s life—to host an Angel Birthday Party to celebrate their grandma’s angel birthday.  They buy balloons, bake her favorite cake, and create their own memorable gifts to celebrate her special day. 
Angel Birthdays is a heartfelt book that encourages children and adults alike to reframe this universal experience.  This story is positive, reassuring, and provides families with tangible activities they can incorporate into their own healing process.  It is a true gift for any child, family, or friend who is celebrating an Angel Birthday of a loved one.

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Praise for Angel Birthdays

“Everyone loves feeling loved on their birthday. Here is a book that will touch your heart and make you celebrate being born. It is a book you will want to share with the kids of all ages in your family.” —Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series

"As parents, it’s important for us to talk to our kids about tough topics. If we don't influence them, someone else will. Discussing death has to be one of the most heartbreaking and difficult topics to discuss. Luckily, Angel Birthdays helps you have a productive conversation without it being depressing and awkward." —Josh Shipp, Teen Behavior Expert

“A lovely story that fills the empty places in the heart of young children and provides activities for families to heal together.” —Deborah Tillman, Supernanny on Lifetime TV

About the Author

Erin Garay
Erin lost her own mother in 2008 and used all of the activities and inspirations found in Angel Birthdays to help her daughters process their grief. It was so helpful that Erin felt compelled to turn ...

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