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No. of Pages : 192
ISBN: 9781942934707
Released : 9/6/2016

A Beauty Collected

A Captivating ABC Book to Discover the Beauty Around You
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Book Description

Adventure, treasure-hunt, discover, enjoy. The world comes alive with A Beauty Collected, a picture book filled with a lush alphabet of artful photography and dreamy narrative. By featuring items that can be found in one's own neighborhood (pinecones, flowers, herbs) combined with more exotic items (raw turquoise nuggets, tentacles, rambutan), the imagery in A Beauty Collected is designed to be accessible and to expand the mind beyond the backyard. Whether the item is a porcupine quill or a vanilla pod, the goal is to encourage inquisitiveness: What is this item? What purpose does it serve? What does it smell or taste like? Where can I find it? By establishing familiarity with nature, A Beauty Collected creates a generation of people who are sensitive to the earth they live on.

Praise for A Beauty Collected

“If an illustrated book could create a manifesto of our curiosity, longing, and need for the natural world in our daily living, A Beauty Collected would be it.”

— Amy Smart, actress

About the Author

Rachel Garahan

Rachel Garahan is a creative director, artist, and innate nurturer. In all o...

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