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Jim Osterhaus

Hi there, I'm Jim.
Jim Osterhaus is a senior partner with TAG. He is a clinical psychologist and a dynamic executive coach and public speaker with extensive experience in helping individuals, couples, families, and organizations move through change, conflict, and reorganization. He brings a depth of understanding of systems and relational network thinking to his work developed from years practicing as a highly respected psychologist in Northern Virginia in addition to consulting. His experience includes a special commission established by the Vice President of the United States to consider the emotional effects of government downsizing, facilitation of the “Organizational Culture” component of the Army Staff Redesign. Recently he has developed a Gettysburg Leadership Experience, taking teams to the battlefield discussing leadership principles. He has worked extensively with the FAA, coaching vice presidents and managers, and leading workshops and seminars on various aspects of leadership. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, and many other leading publications.