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Christopher Robbins

Christopher Robbins, the Pater Familius, has been in the magazine and book publishing industry for more than twenty years. He is a husband, father of nine children, backpacker, cello player, fly fisherman, and lover of a simple life. He is published in fiction, non-fiction, poetry. He graduated with a bachelor of arts in English and an MBA from Brigham Young University. He has served on the [email protected], BYU Management Society, Ogden Valley Arts, and Independent Book Publishers Association Boards.
Christopher Robbins is not just a story book character who plays with a silly willy old bear. He is a husband and a father to nine children, six boys and three daughters.  He is an Eagle Scout and served a two-year Spanish speaking service mission for his church. He is a terrible cello, piano, and guitar player. His musical claim to fame is that he can play the saw. He's an ok singer, having entertained passengers on a 727 to New York singing “Let it Go” from the film Frozen. He's an avid backpacker and fly fisherman and has climbed Mount Whitney and the Grand Tetons, stood on the continental divide at Cirque of the Towers in the Wind Rivers, canyoneererd Zions National Park, hiked the John Muir trail, flown a kite in Tiananmen Square, danced on the Great Wall of China, skydived over the Great Salt Lake and sung on the London Eye. He has also completed the Master Cleanse by eating and drinking nothing but lemon juice, molasses, and cayenne pepper for ten straight days. He is the founder and CEO of Familius, a book publishing company with a mission to help families be happy. He is also the president and CEO of American West Books, one of the premier wholesale book companies and is the co-founder of Hummingbird Digital Media. He is also an adviser to the Indian tech company Papertrell. He earned a BA and an MBA from Brigham Young University. He has served on numerous boards including the IBPA. He likes a good book, a loving wife, obedient children, a focused meeting, and dark chocolate. He lives in the central valley of California.