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Christopher Taney

Chris Taney, the SEO guy. Chris first became interested in SEO when he worked for a website building company. There he learned the general principles of SEO. These principles piqued his interest in the matter and he sought out a way to be more involved. He found a job that integrated his interests in SEO with writing articles and blogs at Leadgenix. He continues to contribute to their clients while he attends to the SEO and Social Media campaigns at Familius. Chris has a fond place in his heart for books. One of his fondest recollections growing up was the hours he spent reading. In elementary school he diligently visited Walmart every month to get the latest addition to the Animorphs legacy. He also never missed an opportunity to put The Hardy Boys on his birthday and Christmas wish lists. All throughout middle and high school, he sought the company of the famous personalities: Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins and the High King Peter. He is still easily entreated to read their tales again today. College turned his attention turned to textbooks, but he still found time to engage in new trilogies such as The Hunger Games, The Da Vinci Code, and Poison Study. His mother, a single parent for most of his childhood, instilled a love of books in him at an early age. She insisted that he always held (and used) a library card. She has been the primary champion of family in his home for a majority of his life and always made it a point to strengthen their relationships. The family has since grown and new relationships have been born and strengthened with her loving care.