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No. of Pages : 256
ISBN: 9781942934127
Released : 10/13/2015


The Fighter's Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction
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Book Description

The problem with pornography addiction has never been worse. Tens of thousands of young people—as young as seven and eight years old—are finding that pornography has control over their life. Fortify: The Ultimate Fighter's Guide to Overcoming Pornography Addiction, authored by the hip non-profit organization Fight the New Drug, is a complete guide to helping young men and women find the tools, gain the education, and uncover the resources necessary to help themselves and others overcome this addiction. 

Using research and advice from addiction recovery specialists and therapists, Fortify explains why pornography acts like an addictive drug. The book arms teens and young adults with the tools and confidence they need to fight the addiction by guiding them through a basic training program for themselves and others around them. By fortifying themselves, their relationships, and their world against pornography addiction, readers are ready to join with other fighters in the stand against pornography and its harmful effects.

Praise for Fortify

" . . . arms young people with the knowledge and tools necessary to see pornography for what it is—harmful, addictive, and completely unnecessary."

—Jill C. Manning, PhD, author of What's the Big Deal about Pornography


"This book will help to stem the tide of one of the greatest epidemics that has ever plagued our society."

—Kipp Dana, MA, Executive Director at High Country Behavioral Health, Addictions Therapist

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Fight the New Drug
Fight the New Drug

Fight the New Drug, a global nonprofit organization focused on educating society about the harmful effects of pornography, has close to 600,000 Faceb...

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