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No. of Pages : 218
ISBN: 9781938301674
eISBN: 9781938301759
Released : 10/1/2013


The Survival Guide for Families at War
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Book Description

Wondering what you are in for as you move to your first military base, or as you try to recover from numerous deployments? Deployed! is the perfect solution for every member of a military family who wants a healthy family. From the time you finish boot camp to the time you return from your last deployment, this book provides principles that will guide you in your journey through family life in the military. In the face of extended war and record high divorces and combat stress, professional on-base counselor Dr. Stanley Hall gives answers and directions for wading through it all and finding more happiness and success in your military family than you ever imagined.

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Praise for Deployed

"As a true patriot and supporter of our nation’s heroes, Dr. Hall has taken the time to help military families understand the unique challenges that attend military service. While we, as a nation, honor our soldiers, there is a growing need to offer them additional support to have successful marriages and families in light of the unique stressors they endure while putting it on the line for their country. What about pre-deployment and post-deployment? What about dealing with the reality of conflict and survival? What about the “mission” of returning home? Dr. Hall has provided answers to these and other relevant questions in this book....have a look." —Mark Mauzy, PhD

About the Author

Stanley Hall
Stanley Hall, PhD, LMFT is currently an Assistant Professor of Marriage & Family Therapy at Pfeiffer University’s Graduate School located in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is both an AAMFT Approved Supe...

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