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How to Be Anxious and Calm

“Anxiety is a jab in the jaw for your attention,” says world champion surfer Shaun Tomson and best-selling author of The Surfer and the Sage: A Guide to Survive & Ride Life’s Waves. “It gets your heart beating, your senses tingling, and your body ready for action.” Tomson knows something about anxiety and calm. He …

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Five Life Categories for Successful New Year Goals

The new year is upon us and most of us want to make 2023 a better year than 2022. We want to grow, become better, be more successful. But setting goals can be intimidating, especially if we have failed to reach some goals in the past. Breaking goals down into manageable areas helps. One concept …

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10 Years of Familius

Familius is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year! Read along to learn what our founder and CEO Christopher Robbins has to say about the last 10 years and our goals for the next 10 years. Goals and Coaches Familius’s goal is to help you have a happy family. We like the goal. We want …

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