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It happens to every family. Things are humming along smoothly when suddenly they realize that life is not just a bowl of cherries. An unlooked for event, crisis, or trial threatens to upset the balance of all they consider normal. How will they ever survive and how will they ever get things to return to normal? Is it even possible?
What if constant change and adaptation is what “normal” really looks like?  In Life Happens Taralyn and Teresa Clark explore life realities and provide much-needed information gained from decades of experience to survive and ultimately thrive in spite of life challenges.


About Teresa Clark

A national award-winning storyteller who is passionate about using story as a vehicle to turn and heal hearts, Teresa Clark has spent over twenty years practicing her craft with at-risk youth, women, the aged, and families. Teresa has passionately advocated for storytelling on the local, regional, and national level both as producer and administrator. She is a storyteller, teacher, published author, researcher, blogger, and most importantly, a wife, mother, and grandmother.

About Taralyn Clark

Product Details

Page Count: 146
ISBN-10: 1938301781
ISBN-13: 9781938301780
Product Format: Paperback

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