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23 Reasons Why Fall Break is Better than Spring Break

For many of you, fall break is on its way! If you’re not ridiculously excited already, here are 23 reasons why you should be.

Check out those killer leaves! The color spectrum of fall leaves is probably one of the most beautiful things the human eye can witness. The radiance, the quality, the smell… Go for a drive, and snap some pics! Press leaves in a diary for keepsakes.

Fall break provides some real time to yourself. Since your beloved summer months have passed, it’s the first break you have from the academic routine.

Helloooo, s’mores! Time for some tree stumps, a fire, a couple tents, and some spooky stories! It’s the best time for some good old bonding time with buddies!

Fall break is by far a more wholesome vacation than spring break; in the fall, it’s prime time for family camping trips, hiking, mountain biking, and just being out in the beauty of nature with loved ones.

Fall break is a real break! There’s not as much pressure to do more than be with family and catch up on homework.

If you’re into colder weather, this is your time to shine! The change of weather is sure to bring on a smile. Go be in nature without your teeth chattering (but also without getting bad spring break bikini lines)!

Fall break is an awesome time for a road trip to a new city. The vibrant colors of leaves and the local color will sparkle! Think about taking a trip with the school for a community service effort. Traveling and do-gooding at the same time? Yes, please!

If you don’t plan to go anywhere, you can get plenty done for school—there’s less emphasis is placed on homework in the warmer months!

Fall break is a great time to go shopping for warmer clothing. While you hit the thrift stores, costume shoppes, or other boutiques and emporiums, keep a sharp eye out for awesome Halloween costumes, boots, sweaters, and ‘boggans! Definitely stop by a perfume store and smell all those autumn peaches and campfires. It’s a great bonding time, too!

Check out a corn maze (read Familius’ top pick US corn mazes)!  You won’t regret testing the limits of your know-how by deciphering mysterious maps and making decisions that could lead you further into—or out of—the maze! Unless you find a haunted maze, that is…

Apple-picking! Find a nearby orchard to handpick apples for locals and for lunch. Orchard owners love the extra help, and it’s a good time to hang out with family and friends! You could even go pumpkin-picking—why not? It’s fall!

Fall marathons usually have more pronounced themes than spring and summer marathons do—likely due to the holidays and the changing leaves! Get out in nature and support a great cause!

Fall break proffers apple cider, chili experiments, quilting, hay rides, hunting, candy corn, foliage, and pumpkin-carving! It’d take about a week to do each one well!

You can’t play in a leaf pile with your little sister in the spring! Whip out those rakes and get to it!

Heard of spring cleaning? Things add up in the fall, too! Go through your belongings and host a yard sale—or donate all your items to charity!

Fall break is a great time to check out nearby fall festivals! Lots of cities host crafts fairs, car shows, art shows, and antique shows this time of year.

Over fall break, you can revisit summer days by just traveling to the nearest beach! Temperatures at the beach change more slowly than they do inland, so it’ll still be warm and welcoming.

With everyone preparing for Halloween, it’s a great time to take a haunted tour or two. Visit caverns, explore historical sites like ghost towns, or visit empty prisons!

If you’re a parent rather than a student, having your kid(s) home for break is a great time for togetherness, since they’re still settling into the new school year with new peers. Depending on their ages, recruit their help in rearranging furniture or decorating, go on a family venture, take them for a local scavenger hunt, or discover sensational new autumn recipes with them!

There’s no state fair in the spring! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to ride on “the World’s Tallest Ferris Wheel”, taste cotton candy for the first time, or finally win one of those plush ducks at a game tent! It’s a great date night idea or good for family time, too.

Scarowinds! Or any theme park, really! The more haunted or themed the park, the better (and less sweaty, this time of year)!

Fall break is definitely the right time to get festive: decorate, decorate, decorate! It’s time to hang that leaf mobile and carve that pumpkin. You can even look ahead for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Decorate your door with some cut-out bats or paint contact paper for a unique spin on your personal style!

Overall, fall break is a great time to take a step back and be you! It’s the time to be inspired, to reflect, to create, and rejuvenate! Take advantage of the beauty all around you, whether on campus, at home, or someplace new!

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