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A mother and father pulling their kids on sleds in the snow to keep the kids entertained.

14 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained during Winter Break

With the anticipation of the coming holidays, winter break sees many boring days. Keep your kids entertained with these fourteen activities.

Winter break can seem long if kids’ attention spans are short. But it’s important to keep kids engaged all winter long so that they’re ready when school picks up again.

Whether you have to work or you just need activity inspiration, here are some ideas to keep your kids entertained and learning through winter break.

1. A Winter-Themed Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with winter-themed clues or items for them to find around the house or in the backyard. You can add elements like Jack Frost, snowflakes, Hanukkah, Yuletide, and so many more.

2. Photography Scavenger Hunt

Give them a camera (or use a smartphone) and create a photography scavenger hunt. Provide a list of items or themes related to the holidays or winter that they need to capture. You can set this scavenger hunt around the house or in a park or even in the mall. Or try all three if your kids get really into it.

3. Winter Science Experiments

Conduct simple and safe winter-themed science experiments, such as making snowflakes, creating frost, or exploring the science behind ice. Being able to learn and play with the science behind winter will surely keep kids entertained and fascinated all winter long.

4. Blanket Forts

Let them get creative by building a cozy blanket fort. Provide flashlights, pillows, and books to make it a reading nook or a place for imaginative play. With holiday lights, hot chocolate, and family, a blanket fort is the warmest place to spend winter break.

5. Holiday Cards

Have a card-making session where they create handmade holiday cards for friends and family. They’ll get to be creative while practicing gratitude at the same time; it’s a great way to give back this holiday season.

6. Winter Sports Day

Organize a mini winter sports day with activities like mini hockey, a snow war, skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. If you live somewhere snowless, or if the outdoors is just too chilly, you can try indoor snowball fights (using soft materials) or even a pretend skiing or snowboarding race.

7. Holiday Karaoke Party

Host a karaoke party with their favorite holiday songs. You can do this with just your family or you can invite their friends, but either way, this should be an occasion where they dress up and perform. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and boost confidence. Plus, whether it’s amazing singing or amazingly bad singing, it will keep your kids entertained!

8. DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

’Tis the season for hot chocolate! Set up a DIY hot cocoa bar with various toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Let them create their own delicious concoctions, and then settle in for a winter movie marathon or a reading night.

9. Animal Tracking

If you have nearby wooded areas, go on a nature walk and look for animal tracks in the snow. Kids can draw what they find or take photos to save in a scrapbook. This is a great chance for them to learn about local wildlife and their winter habits.

10. DIY Winter Fashion Show

Winter has its own unique style: puffer-coat chic, duck-boot glam. Have a winter-themed fashion show with old clothes, sweaters, scarves, and hats—the crazier the better!—and let them create and showcase their unique winter outfits.

11. Role-playing and Storytelling

Encourage imaginative play by providing costumes and props. Let them create their own stories or act out scenes from their favorite holiday stories, books, or movies.

12. Baking Cookies

You can’t go wrong with sweet treats during the holidays. Spend some quality time together in the kitchen cooking up something warm and comforting. This will not only help kids learn their way around the kitchen but understand ratios and other basic math.

13. Lounging at the Library

Spend a day lounging at the local library. Let them pick out books, participate in any holiday-themed events, or simply enjoy some quiet reading time.

14. Pick Up Crafting

Use the break to learn a new hobby together, like building fairy houses. Crafting will give your kids a creative outlet and recharge their minds for the coming days of school.

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