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Why it’s good to leave the table

With so many enticing distractions today, it’s easy to see why our teenagers are leaving the dinner table behind.  When we manage to get them to sit for a family meal, it’s often with distractions in tow.

Like it or not, friends greatly influence our kids, often exerting a tremendous amount of peer pressure.  We can’t hope to counter this pressure if we don’t understand it.   I’d like to suggest one idea to help combat the increasingly encroaching, 24/7 world our children live in.  Leave the table yourselves.  That’s right, leave the table, only not empty; leave the table to make it bigger.  Dust off those table leaves that are hidden away waiting for a special occasion and make room for more.  Create your own special occasion by inviting some of your child’s, or children’s, friends for a meal.  Teens will appreciate the effort, it may not happen immediately, but they will.  Parents can come to better understand a sampling of the good, bad, or possibly ugly, that is most assuredly rubbing off on their boys and girls.
Leave your tables. Set extra places for goodness sake.  More teens are better than none. Feed them well, nourish them, and not just with food.  Show them just how much you love your child, their friend.  You may not beat them in the short run but if you keep joining them, you’re going to win in the end.

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