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When Your Child Looks Into Your Eyes

There is a yin and yang to good parenting. Just like it takes a man and woman to create a child, it is also the best scenario for raising a child. Just the simple synergy of two people, collaborating and cooperating, will support a child better than one alone. When you add the variety of a masculine and a feminine approach, you have the ideal situation for raising children.

A dad is a natural and welcomed contrast to a mom. Contrasts emphasize the differences we should celebrate. A lone oak tree in a large field of grass stands out, clouds are crisper and more appealing against a blue sky, and a gentle rain is a blessed gift after a blistering drought. So it is that you as a father are a contrast and a balance for your children. As a good man, nowhere on earth will you find a place where your influence is more needed and wanted.

When kids have no father in the home, there is a staggering increase in issues related to education, emotions, poverty, and delinquency. For instance, 85% of all children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. The reasons fathers are often missing are numerous and not always their fault. Sometimes the father is too young and/or never had a father himself, thereby shying away from his duty. When the mother and father do not get along, the mother almost always has the advantage and may keep the father at arm’s length.  But a man should never give up on his children.

You don’t have to do anything special for your kids to love you, just like you don’t have to do anything for sunshine to make you warm. Your children are looking for your sunshine and need it terribly. As a society, we need to encourage men to be the fathers their children need with the understanding of the power they possess as mentors. We also need to provide men the tools necessary to help them with the challenges of parenting.

As men, we need to embrace being parents and realize the tremendous joy that comes with it. For when your child looks into your eyes and sees your heart, you are a real Dad!

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