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What’s a Christmas Wonder?

Activity 1: What’s a Wonder?
A Christmas Wonder may be as simple as a Christmas memory that makes you smile, or as life changing as discovering you are loved by our Savior. In Christmas Wonders Carma explains the basic premise for the town’s traditional holiday greeting, “Have a wonder-filled Christmas.”
She says, “A Christmas Wonder is something you see, hear, smell, touch or feel that reminds you of Christmas.”
Let’s discover how that simple explanation expanded into a soul-changing Wonder.

What was Luke’s first Christmas Wonder? (His mother’s nativity.

Was that important? Why?

What was the world’s first Christmas Wonder? (Luke 2: 11. Isaiah 9:6)

Activity: Make the nativity the center of your celebration. Display it days or weeks before adding other Christmas decorations.  Focus on the simplicity and Wonder of the birth of Jesus Christ, Savior of the World. Go on a search for nativities in your area. Share pictures of your favorites on #SharetheWonder.

Watch our #SharetheWonder video for ideas of other Christmas Wonders this season. View the video by clicking on the image below. 


Activity 2: Christmas Wonders Box
Small pleasures may pass unnoticed during the holiday season. If you are looking for Wonders and then writing them down, gratitude may become your companion. In Christmas Wonders, Merv shares Mamie’s saying, “Gratitude is the foundation for positive feelings.”

What was Luke’s second Christmas Wonder? (Jesus loves ME).

Talk about this truth—just like Luke, each of us can know—Jesus loves ME.  Accepting and being grateful for Christ’s love is a personal privilege.

Discuss this formula: gratitude = joy

Activity: Focus on His gifts as seen in everyday Wonders. Make your own Christmas Wonders box—wrap a box with paper that reminds you of the Savior’s birth. (Feel free to download our official Christmas Wonders paper by clicking this link.) Cut a slit in the top. Set out slips of paper for family and friends to share a Wonder. Share a picture of your Christmas Wonders box on #SharetheWonder.

Use the town’s greeting, “Have a wonder-filled Christmas,” as your greeting.


Activity 3: Share a Wonder
Lloyd Newell said, “Recently, social scientists . . . noted a slight increase in the happiness of people who wrote down their feelings of gratitude and a much more significant increase in those who verbally expressed their thanks.”

What was Luke’s third Wonder? (His mother’s picture)

With whom did he share this Wonder?

Was sharing a blessing to Luke?  To Luke’s dad? To Carma?

How do you think writing and verbalizing your Wonders make a difference in your life?

Activity: Share your Wonders. Choose a time as a family or group to verbally share Wonders.  Share a Wonder daily or on a weekly basis during a meal or at family time.  You may want to start a family tradition of sharing Wonders on Christmas night when the day’s festivities are drawing to a close.
Follow with a prayer of gratitude. Increased gratitude for Christ = Increased lasting joy. 

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