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What is love?

My daughter told me once that her friend wished I were her mom. This intrigued me as I know her mother and I know she loves her children very much and is a wonderful mother. I asked my daughter why this was. The answer was straightforward; “you buy us toys.” Suddenly I felt very inadequate in my parenting. My daughter didn’t realize that the accumulation of stuff or activities doesn’t constitute love. We want to buy things for our children because we love them, but if we don’t have extra money to buy things for our kids it doesn’t mean they aren’t well cared for or very loved. Most people already know that having things doesn’t equate love but sometimes we need a reminder.
We could spend all the money in the world on stuff and never have anyone’s love in return. Love is shown through paying attention to our family and investing time for the things that matter most. It is found in the words we speak and the actions we take in serving our family. It is found in our willingness to forgive and trust. It is found in patience. It is not always practical or convenient. Love is the purest form of charity and unselfishness. It is putting the welfare of another above ourselves. Love is treating and serving our family like the royalty they are.

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