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Upgrading Dress-Up

Playing dress-up is fun at any age, but let’s be real: it’s especially fun when you’re a kid. There’s the typical way of playing dress-up: taking your parents’ clothes and having them sag off your waist while your feet shuffle in clown-sized shoes. But there are so many other things to dress-up in! Try some of these great ideas to spice up your dress-up games.

1. Masks

I’m Feeling Crafty gives a great tutorial on a fox mask. This small mask made with just a few materials — felt, yarn, elastic, glue, scissors, and the fox pattern— can also be paired with a great game called Mr. Fox. Don’t like foxes? That’s ok! Mom Spark makes raccoon masks and shows you how to make them for any animal you’d like.

2. Capes

Make capes to turn dad’s old work clothes into the disguise for superman! These capes turn dress-up into super-hero time. Design them exactly the way you want for the super for you want. Super Baker? Super Soccer-Player? Super Big Brother? Make any cape you want and keep dress-up going all day with this tutorial from The Pleated Poppy.

3. Crowns

Crowns are the perfect addition to any dress-up day. Flower crowns are versatile because they can be worn by a princess, a fairy, a singer and more! College Fashion gives a great tutorial on how to create flower crowns. If a flower crown doesn’t work for your game, there is always the traditional. Check out Small Things for a classic crown tutorial.

4. Accessories
Don’t forget to use the things that make dress-up really fun. Take old wallets, purses, file folders, gift cards–anything that you deem “grown-up”–and use them as props for dress-up! It makes playing “house” or “restaurant” or “teacher” feel even more real. And kids will love filling dad’s old wallet with fake credit cards they have created.

5. Wings
What’s a magical fairy world without a good pair of wings? Use your flower crown and wings to become a fairy for a day. This fun tutorial, from Secret Agent Josephine uses tissue paper to capture the sunlight just right. No need to leave everything to the imagination.

6. Tool Belts

If your child isn’t really into sparkles or crowns, maybe he or she would like a tool belt! This same belt can be used by a waitress or a make-up artist (hint hint). One Hip Mom gives great instructions on how to make the apron, and you can customize the fabric so your child has one that he or she loves.

Need More Ideas?

Here are some great websites if you need more dress-up inspiration!

Kids Spot: Dress- Up Box

Apartment Therapy: Pretend Play

Pink and Green Mama: Dress-Up Play

Writing Chapter Three: DIY Dress-Up Box

Tipsaholic.com: Boy-Friendly Disney Dress Up

Take your dress-up day to the next level. Dress up for the jungle, for the royal court, or to save the world. Use your imagination and the world is your closet. Enjoy!

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