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Time stands still

Remember when you were a child and the summers seemed to drag on. I can’t imagine how many times I told my mom “I’m bored, theres nothing to do”. It seemed like Christmas was 5 years away. Time just seemed to stand still.

As I grow older time seems to fly by. The next thing I know my kids are taller than me and I’m always paying for or paying off Christmas!

However when you are dealing with a long term illness time does seem to stand still. You can’t wait for the treatments to be finished and the healing process to take place. The pain and suffering you might be going through just seems to drag on. You can hardly wait for your life to return to normal and your body or mind to feel well again.

As a caregiver it seems to be just as long. You cannot wait for your loved one to return to normal.

Just remember…”Patience is a virtue” when dealing with a long term illness.

As you help them work through it you will be surprised about what you will learn about yourself. Even though it will seem like it is taking forever you will both come out of it with a clearer perspective of life and how to overcome significant obstacles.

The juggernaut of time will speed back up and you will get back to trying to apply the break.


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