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The Power of Post-its

Probably once a day, we all lose track of time, lose concentration on a particular task, lose something we really needed for a meeting or assignment, or lose out on an opportunity. What happened? How could we have forgotten the simple, yet salient thing? There may be consequences we now face for that lack of contribution, maybe big, maybe small. Though we tend to think we’re all together, that we’ve got the necessary components to get through the day, sometimes we don’t.

Thank God for office supplies, right? Personally, my life is in lists. There is not a moment I’m ill-prepared as long as I’ve jotted down some groceries or dinner ideas or to-do items. Thanks to Post-its, I’m well-prepared to tackle my issues with memory loss.

But, really, sticky notes can be more than the mere presence of a helpful reminder. Not too recent an innovation, Post-its have been around since the seventies. Although the greater community of the working world has likely used a Post-it note, it is unlikely everyone has used one for the multiple glorious uses Post-its possess.

Primarily, there are six uses for the Post-it that I believe verifiably improve the quality of life—or at least they do mine. Though some I’ll outline will seem common knowledge, who’s to say you know them all?

1. Time Management

The pure convenience of the size of the sticky notes means that carrying them around and whipping them out is a time and space-saver. I prefer to use pen and paper to typing into my phone, so it’s helpful to toss them in my bag or slot them into my back pocket. Due to the stickiness of their backs, it’s easy to place Post-its where you need them.

2. Organization

In the same vein, the second use, organization, is largely one that involves making notes or lists that we wouldn’t remember otherwise. On the fly, a Post-it can make the difference between getting your daughter the Anna and Elsa dolls she wanted over one of the prevalent Barbies most girls her age have. With organization comes prioritization; you can’t write everything you think you’ll need for a slumber party on a Post-it, meaning only the most important items make the cut.

With the convenient placement factor of sticky notes come color coding and other organization tricks. For example, on my desk, I have a color scale. The green notes mean I’ve got a while to decide about something, whereas the pink ones require immediate attention, like an assignment that’s due soon. Color coding is also an easy way to help your children prepare and organize for school—kids love colors.

3. Remembrance

Now, because you’re you, you just can’t remember that one thing you need for class (or work, etc.). You glance at the Post-it note above your microwave—ta da!—and you run back to your room to grab breath mints for your looming presentation. Post-it use number 3, remembrance, is killer. The overarching use of Post-its, I’d say, is for them to serve as reminders. Post-its are one of the most effective memory agents you can have, as they’re vibrant in color and convenient to have on hand. If it floats your boat, feel free to put them all over your house.

4. Use Post-its for Everything

This brings us to use number 4, which is to put on these little paper blessings anything and everything. They’re a catch-all for inspiration. Place quotes around the house! The color and power of the words are sure to brighten your day. Jot each and every idea on a Post-it as soon as you think it, and never forget that awesome stroke of pure genius. If I’m good at anything, it’s jotting my illegible handwriting onto a Post-it in the middle of the night to remember an idea. If I have an idea for a painting, I sketch its essence immediately, so as not to forget before I can get home and whip out my palette. Keep Post-its in your bathroom! Everyone has great shower ideas they can only hope to remember by the time they’ve washed out all the shampoo from their hair.

5. Creativity

From inspiration and other thoughts is born use number 5, creativity. Everyone has something wholly singular and genuine to contribute, and sticky notes can help you remember what you wanted to say and how you wanted to say it. People have proposed by sticky note (no joke, see it here). No reason why you shouldn’t use them to your creative benefit. You could use them to prank a friend (maybe post-it their car?) or create a flipbook. However you use them, the creative gifts you can give others by way of Post-it can be impressive.

6. Innovation

Use number 6 is also connected to inspiration and creativity in that innovation can be triggered by the collective activities you can perform with Post-its. For example, team-building and voting have never been easier.

However you intend to use your Post-its, remember the power you give them, and know that you’ve just slightly improved your life. Whether by quote, by tips, or by lists, you’ve regained and empowered a bit of your life. It’s that easy.


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