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The Perfect Memorial Day Cupcakes

The stripes have been done, the stars are getting old and anything else takes a master cake maker. Memorial Day and Fourth of July call for the perfect red, white, and blue treat. These cupcakes are it! They are the fun, flag look with marshmallow and licorice taste. This is fun and easy to do with the kids.

What you’ll need:

Cupcakes, prepared to one box instructions (about 2 dozen).

12-15 Marshmallows

Pearl Sprinkles

7 oz. Blue Cookie Icing

7 oz. White Cookie Icing

½ lb. Shoe String Licorice.


First, make the cupcakes to the box directions. It’s easier if you make the cupcakes flat, so fill them about halfway. After the cupcakes are done and cooled, you can start to decorate!

Create the stripes for the flag with the licorice. Each of the three stripe is about 3 strings wide. Measure the pieces to fit each cupcake, and try to keep them as straight as possible. If they start to curl up, push them down next to each other with a spoon on top of wax paper or a paper plate. Then place them on the cupcake. After all the stripes are laid down, take one longer string and circle it along the edge to catch all of the ends of the licorice underneath, making it look neat. The blue square will cover the spot where the two ends meet, so make sure the ends land where the stripes will be facing the right way (the top left corner). Then fill the negative space between the stripes with white icing. The cookie icing will fill between the licorice lines, but try not to put too much on because it will drip.

Next, cut a marshmallow. This is a sticky business, but a butter knife will do the trick. You want to cut off the side of a marshmallow pretty thin, so it doesn’t take over the cupcake. Lay it flat on wax paper or a paper plate, and ice the top of it blue. Sprinkle the pearl sprinkles on the icing before it sets. After the icing seems firm, place it over the mend in the licorice, and you’re done!
Enjoy your tasty treat with the family or bring it to the neighborhood party. Either way, everyone will be excited to have a reinvented version of the traditional flag cupcake.

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