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Teen Voices: The stresses of school

Teens stress about homework

Students get homework almost every day, whether or not that’s just answering some questions or studying for a test you might have tomorrow. So homework is a pretty common problem that every teenager has to go through. But we don’t just get one piece of homework. That would be too easy. We get assigned homework for basically every class. And we don’t just answer one question. We have to answer five plus an essay. Don’t forget that all of this is due tomorrow!

I have a question: How are we supposed to do this after school when we finish mid-afternoon then include the hour (or even more) of extra curricular activities which could mean practicing sports for an upcoming game or rehearsing for the school play? One of my friends has to take part in a netball match every Wednesday (which is the longest day of the week whether you do any clubs or not) at 8 pm. That’s crazy!

Teens stress about exams

A couple of months from now, we will begin to have the exam period where there’s a week (or sometimes a month) full of exams. Let me repeat that, a week or even a month full of exams! Apparently we should have begun studying from the moment school had started but on top of all that homework and after school clubs, when did we have time to study? There’s always the weekends, but we have to have some time to relax a bit.

Teens stress about friends

Making new friends in school is hard because teenagers are often judgmental which can lead to students getting bullied, but we often find that best friend during high school and college. Don’t worry if you haven’t made a lot of friends yet because you’ll become friends with someone who likes the same thing as you. As for having a social life, I do believe that it’s a good thing to have when you’re young and in school, but I’ve known people to go overboard and go to parties everyday. I don’t think it’s something that teenagers should be stressing about: if we got invited to that party or if the popular people like you or hate you.

Since this is my last year of school before I go off to university, I’ve almost been through it all. You’re in school for most of your teenage life so you have to have fun with it, but you also need that balance with school and fun. Sometimes, I think that schools need to be a bit easier on students. Try not to overload teenagers with homework or tests. Don’t push them to do any after school clubs if they don’t feel like it. And make sure they enjoy school!

How parents can help teens deal with school stress

Parents can help make teens feel less stressed by doing a number of things. Try talking to them about school and helping them with their work as much as you can. Even if that means you have to pick them up late from school because they have to stay behind two extra hours to study. Also, don’t add anymore stress on them at home. If they’re busy studying or doing homework, the last thing they want to do is clean their room. Finally, the next piece of advice that I give to parents is don’t mention anything about what you want to do after high school or talk about careers. They don’t need that extra pressure to decide what they want to do in the future.


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