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Steffani Raff is Helping Teens Discover Their Inner Beauty With a New Kind of Fairy Tale

Steffani Raff is an accomplished storyteller and a devoted mother. She’s also a blogger, an author, and a coach for young participants in the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Her first book, The Ravenous Gown, will be released this month, and is jam-packed with a new kind of fairy tale—the kind in which “beauty is bigger than a reflection.” Despite her sunny smile and her many, many talents, recognizing and embracing her own sense of inner beauty didn’t come easily for Steffani. In order to help those who’ve faced similar struggles, she’s shared with us her journey in the best way she knows how: through a story.

What is the story behind The Ravenous Gown?

Why fairy tales?

Who do you hope will read it?


Though her journey was a hard one she is glad for it because it taught her something: the story you tell yourself really matters—so make it a good one. She and her daughter are both living happily today because they can see, accept, and embrace real beauty in themselves and others.

Here is the trailer for The Ravenous Gown:

Like the article? We bet you’ll love this book:

In a day when princesses have been boiled down to beautiful ball gowns comes a new kind of fairy tale.
Fall under the spell of a “Once upon a time…” where beauty is bigger than a reflectio…

The Ravenous Gown

Steffani Raff

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