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Operation Toasty Toes: Knitting for the Holiday Season

Get out your knitting needles, ladies and gents—it’s cold outside! Below are some totally fantastic ideas to kick-off knitting this season. From beginner to expert, there are patterns for every style. We know there’ll be something here you can’t help but fall in love with!

Comfy Cuffed Slippers

Keep those toes toasty with some of these comfy cuffed slippers. Easy to knit, easy to love. For beginners!

30-Minute Infinity Scarf

Keep your entire neck warm all year round with this fabulous 30-minute infinity scarf.

Funky Foliage Hat

Show off your style with a well-knitted foliage ‘boggan. You won’t regret the fall fashion decision to stay warm!

Beautiful Boot Cuffs

Quick knit these fantastically cozy-looking boot cuffs for a sneaky flair in the colder months!

Wintry Snowball Scarf

This “fun in the snow” inspired scarf is truly a wintry sensation—any other color and you’ve got a pom-pom scarf for all occasions!


Knitted Fall Pumpkins

Knitted fall pumpkins are scientifically proven to give your fall decor a little “umph!”—and they work great as stress balls for the holiday blues!

Easy-Peasy Baby Blanket

Got a friend who has just had a baby? Make a super easy baby blanket! Guaranteed to be the cutest thing the new mommy’s ever seen.

Autumnal Maple Leaves

Stem right up, and check out these knitted maple leaves! They’re a little less messy than using the great outdoors to decorate your indoors, so don’t be afraid to stitch ‘em right up and use them for potholders, centerpieces, you name it!

Doggie Mittens—for Humans

Looking for some pet-friendly hand-warmers? Try knitting these doggie (corgi) mittens!

Holy Cowl! Scarf

This fantastic fall-icious knit cowl scarf is sure to keep you warm!

Baby Cuddly Cardigan

Who’s got the cutest cardi in the world, baby girl? You do! You can’t go wrong with a little colorful fluff n’ fun!

Adorable Knit Bunnies

What’s cuter than knit bunnies for the kiddies or for your dorm shelf? Time to hop to work on this one—or five of them! I say make like rabbits and knit a whole family!

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