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One big family

It can certainly be argued that we are too big. It can also be argued that we have much to share with and learn from one another. Many of us are without parents or siblings, but as long as we live, we’re not without family. We are too many for any one of us to feel alone.

Whatever we feel, the odds are pretty good someone else is feeling it also. I believe the human race can only be honorably run and someday won, when we acknowledge our commonalities. We are all miraculously alive, and we are all to a degree, afraid of dying or losing loved ones.

Those of us with the luxury of doing more than trying to stay nourished and hydrated are often in too big of a hurry. We need to slow enough from time to time to ask ourselves where we are going and who we are taking with us. If we have two hands, we can always lend them. There are those of us with little to find redeeming, we can still learn from them and use what we learn for greater good. Regardless of our religious beliefs, we can help each other in the search for peace and joy.
It’s my hope as I think of my three boys and my wife of twenty years, that my human family, all seven billion and counting of us, will take a break from all our sprinting about, from all our distractions and clutter and hard heartedness, and remember that we are a family of distance runners. This great distance we have to run shouldn’t distance us from each other, but bond us in empathy. We need support, all of us do. We need to make each other laugh. We need to cry together. We need to run together, and when we can’t we need to walk or crawl or stop, together. But first and perhaps most importantly we need to understand that we all are living together, one great big, lost and messy, wonderful family.

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