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It wouldn’t be Christmas without this

It wouldn’t be Christmas without music. Kathryn Thompson

It wouldn’t be Christmas without testimony, family, music, twinkling lights, and secrets.- Teresa Clark

It wouldn’t be Christmas without our beautiful nativity–sitting in a prominent spot in our living room–reminding us all that the beauty of Christmas is so very simple.- April Perry

So, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without family.- Dene Low aka Laura Card

It wouldn’t be Christmas without my family under one roof–and my wife’s amazing chocolate-covered marzipan cake.- Timothy Myers

It wouldn’t be Christmas without my family.- Ashley Nance

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christ.- Charla J Schneider


Music! – David Miles


The opportunity to play “Mrs. Claus” on the phone one evening shortly before Christmas and call little kids who live in our village and whose parents have signed them up for a phone call from either Santa or Mrs. Claus. This is done under the auspices of our village’s Leisure Services Department, and I have been their Mrs. Claus for quite a few years now. It’s a volunteer gig–no pay–but lots of fun and satisfaction.  It also wouldn’t be Christmas without seeing Santa paraded through our village on a firetruck on a Saturday morning a couple of weeks before Christmas, throwing wrapped hard candies to the people who come out to watch as the procession passes their house. Besides the firetruck bearing Santa and some elves there are various other official village vehicles and much general merriment and cries of “Merry Christmas!” back and forth between the onlookers and the procession participants. – Cynthia MacGregor

My family. – Cynthia MacGregor

It wouldn’t be Christmas without: eating mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls while watching A Christmas Story and listening to the Boyz 2 Men Christmas album!- Jesse LaBeau

Christ- Berry Rellaford


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