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How to Tell if Your Teen is Prepared for College: A Quiz

1. When it comes to money, your teen:

a.       Spends it all on movies and food as soon as he acquires it.

b.      Manages to scrape together enough for gas each month.

c.       Balances a budget regularly.


2. How skilled is your teenager at time management?

a.       She spent three hours yesterday watching cat videos instead of studying for her midterm.

b.      He might have started that essay the night before, but he managed to finish it before class began.

c.        She completes all her assignments, works, and plays a sport.


3. It’s the week before college starts. How much time has your teen invested in packing?

a.       He tells me that he’ll throw some things in the car the night before.

b.      She made a list and piled some shoe boxes by the doorway… but that’s about it.

c.       He’s had boxes organized by content for the past two months.


4. If your teenager is hungry, your teen will:

a.       Beg you to make him dinner.

b.      Pour herself a bowl of cereal.

c.       Make himself a healthy snack or meal.


5. How much time does your teenager spend on homework each week?

a.       They still give homework in high school? I need to go talk to my teen…

b.      Maybe an hour or two? He manages to get it done most of the time.

c.       As much time as it takes! Knowing her homework is out of the way relaxes her.


6.       How much time does your teenager allot for sleep each night?

a.       Sleep? I don’t think she does that.

b.      He might get 5-6 hours on a good night.

c.       She sleeps between 7-9 hours a night.


If You Chose Mostly a’s:

Your teenager needs to work on a few things before heading off to college. Those study skills could use some work, and healthy lifestyle habits are important, especially if she is living on her own. Avoiding procrastination and planning ahead are life skills your teen needs to learn, and now is the perfect time to get to work on them!

If You Chose Mostly b’s:

Your teenager is not in a bad place—at this rate, he will manage to survive his freshman year. To thrive, however, he might try to sleep more and procrastinate less. With a little effort, he will be ready for college in no time!

If You Chose Mostly c’s:

Your teenager has been ready for college for years! She is independent, manages time well, and knows how to succeed in an academic setting. It’s time to let your baby fly away from home and into life’s next big step!

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