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Healing hurt with compassion

Would you like to stop having this situation be the first thought of your day that then sets you off into a tailspin? Would you like to know the most powerful thing you can do to remedy the situation?

Send that person love and compassion. I know that sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Do you know what they did to me? Do you know how terrible they were to me while they were a part of my life?” Well, I’d like to share with you a different lens for how you can view and heal this situation. It’s become my secret weapon with how to free me from all of that pain and hostility.

It’s a beautiful Buddhist teaching that will help you with this very situation. For me, it’s been absolutely game-changing.

“Everyone deserves compassion. Everyone.” Try and realize that the people who are the most hateful and angry toward you have the most heartache and sadness inside their hearts. They are so unhappy with themselves and the situation they are in that their sadness is literally overflowing out of their body and manifesting itself as anger, jealousy and hatred. You can fill in the blank with whatever negative emotion you would like, but it is ultimately their sadness that is overflowing onto you. Imagine… just for a moment… how unhappy that person in your life must have been in their own heart to treat you the way that they did. Now together, let’s all send them compassion, forgiveness and love.
Do you know what happened when you sent them that little virtual love blast? It was like a big boomerang and it came back and started to heal YOU. That’s right. Love is the most powerful force in the world and taking that moment to send that person all of that love started to heal YOUR heart. And if that person was really so terrible to you, are they deserving of eradicating the peace within your own heart? It’s not worth sacrificing your day and allowing that anger to seep into your daily activities. You’re giving those emotions, and that person, even more influence over you and allowing them to ruin more parts of your life. So love them, forgive them, and realize their sad, conflicted heart needs your love, compassion and forgiveness more than it needs your anger. And, as it turns out, your heart needs it, too.

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