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Father’s Day Photo Gifts for the Most Wonderfully Difficult Dads

You could go with the traditional photo gift— a framed photo of the kids— but there are so many great things that you can do with photos designed just for dad. Dad loves the bright faces of his kids. Give him a memorial gift to celebrate how great of a dad he has been. Each dad is different so create the kind of frame, box, game, award, for him. What kind of gift fits your dad? Pick your father and the gift that matches!


The Competitive Dad

#1 Dad Trophy


What do you get the dad that loves to win? A trophy! Every kid says they have the best dad in the world, but let’s be honest, your dad is the best. Show everyone that your dad can’t be beat. Give him the number one dad award he deserves. This idea from smART Class gives kids a chance to personalize their trophies with pictures of themselves and dad along with gems and gold painted pasta. Create a precious gift for a priceless dad!


The Art Lover

Photo Cube

You can’t pick out art for dad. He’s picky and he sees things in abstract art you just can’t put your finger on. Art is just out of the questions, so what then? This Father’s Day, Better Homes and Gardens gives detailed instructions on how to give dad a six image cube that turns into a million more images. Create a new image every time you rearrange these tiles! This gift is great for the dads who love design, art, or fun photos. You can put in his favorite photos mixed with a few new ones or even a note from the kids. Get creative; make what you think he will love. Is he a super sports fan or a nature enthusiast? Add pictures of big games or long hikes. He’ll have all his favorite things mix in one cool gift.

The Photographer

Ceramic Tiles


Is dad a master photographer that you could never compare to? Some dads just have a magic power when it comes to picture taking and you feel like you can’t give a gift that involves pictures because it will pale in comparison. If you can’t beat him join him! Take his favorites and give him something to decorate with. These tiles are great to mix it up between the frames on a shelf or in places that a frame just doesn’t go. The pictures dad has taking of the kids would be perfect for a tile that stays lining dad’s desk. Use Brit Co.’s instructions to create the tiles. Maybe you can make small ones, add magnets to the back and put them on the fridge. The options are endless.



The Reader

Photo Bookmark



My dad is always reading the next Stephan King book. When I see it sitting next to his keys, every few pages has a dog ear, or an old receipt or an ancient picture. I could give him the next King, but that gets so boring. Giving him a regular book mark would do, but it won’t hold any sentimental value. Create a personalized bookmark for him. If dad travels for business he can carry the bookmark with him and be reminded of the family on his travels.  Plus, these instructions from Martha Stewart are super easy! Add a new book for dad and you have the perfect present.


The Stressed Dad

Photo Pillow

Personalize a pillow for the dad who does it all and never leaves anything for you to do for him. Whether he stays home with the kids all day or has a never ending list of things to do at work. Give him a welcoming place to take a much need nap. This easy tutorial from The Polka Dot Chair makes a perfect pillow for dad. Use a picture of the kids, vacation pictures, or take a picture of a handwritten message and blow it up on the pillow. Perfect for the dad who would love if you said, “Hey Dad, it’s Father’s Day. Let’s do absolutely nothing.”



The Indecisive Dad

Photo Block


This is the dad who says he wants to go out to dinner and raffles off 15 restaurants he loves, then never actually picks one. When it comes to gifts, he has a million things he wants, but don’t worry! A Father’s Day photo block from Stars and Sunshine will do the trick. It has six photos to choose from, so he never has to pick just one. If he likes you on your tricycle today but decides he’d rather have the two of you poolside, he can do that. Dad will love you for giving into his indecisive ways. As for where to take him for dinner? You are on your own.

The Sentimental Dad


This guy doesn’t seem hard, but after a while you run out of good gifts if dad is always asking for a sentimental gift. You’ve done the collage of photos, the ticket stubs in a frame, the personal mug and everything else under the sun, but here’s one you haven’t thought of! Martha Stewart gives you the tools and ideas for a perfect scrapbox. Did dad help you win the championship basketball game? Add a picture of the team, a basketball sticker, clippings from the net and the receipt from the championship dinner and you have the perfect gift. Or, like pictured, commemorate when he became your dad with an ultrasound, hospital bracelet and little baby shoes! It’s the perfect snapshot for a dad who’s always celebrating the big moments.


The Outdoorsman

Forest Frame

He has all the top gear, and he’s shown you the ropes, so how could you possible get him anything that he will actually need. Don’t try to give him something that he already has; give him something he didn’t even know he wanted. A picture of dad and the kids at a campsite can be upgraded to a nature frame that dad will love. A frame with nature detailing can bring him outside from the cozy indoors. Bring some of his favorite places into the picture as well with pressed leaves. He’ll love the reminder of great times on his desk or end table.


Need Ideas for the photos that you are putting in these perfect gifts? We’ve got that covered too. Check out these sites for great ideas for Father’s Day photos.

1.      Write “We Love Dad” on their feet: Freckle Photo

2.      Hold signs that say why you love dad: Positively Splendid

3.      Wear dad’s clothes: Wishful Thinking Photography

4.      Play with shadows and letters: My Sparkle

5.      Play with chalk: Crafty Texas Girls

6.      Spell it out: The Celebration Shoppe



You can relax now. The tools are all here for the perfect gift. Your dad is the best because of his personality, so make sure you use that to get him the perfect gift. Dad will feel like you know him better than he knows himself. Now your only problem will be what to get him next year.

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