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Famous Fathers: A Quick Look at 12 Celebrity Dads

Brad Pitt-  With six kids, Pitt certainly wins our award for busiest father! His three adopted children, three biological children with soon-to-be wife Angelina Jolie, and rumors of twins on the way, keep this famous dad busy. But he doesn’t let anything stop him from spending time with his family, even if it means taking them to play on set with their mother while filming Maleficent!


David Beckham- It’s a family event! Whether it’s watching mom, Victoria Beckham’s, fashion line debut in the front row, or having boys’ night at a hockey game, this dad loves to spend time with his four children.



Hugh Jackman- With Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, the decision to adopt their two children was a no-brainer. Jackman claims they felt “where the need is, is where we’ll go,” and they went, finding their son and daughter, both of whom love that he’s a comic book hero half the time. 


Usher- No matter the problems that arise, Usher is there to take care of his two young sons. A single father, Usher clearly spoils the two boys beyond belief.


Ben Affleck- Even as he tries to avoid the spotlight with his lady love,  Jennifer Garner, any time Affleck is spotted, he has his girls and son in tow. A regular family man who spends Sundays at the park and gets competitive at Candyland, Affleck puts his family first.


Matt Damon- Swimming in pink, Damon always puts his four daughters before his film career stating that “if it’s a Sophie’s Choice between them or a movie, it’s no choice,” and he’s unwilling to be away from them for long. Now that they’ve moved back to sunny California after a several year stint in Manhattan, he’s just happy his girls are happy.



Mathew McConaughey- Once a wild child, McConaughey claims he grew up for his children because he wanted to be a good father to them, although a softer version of his own “tough love” mother. Whatever he did, it seems to work for him, as his children seem perfectly happy getting to eat whatever they want on Friday nights.


Brad Paisley-Paisley, even though he’s a country boy, hates the thought of his boys skinning their knees or falling at all when they’re playing in that good ole country way. But he lets them because how else will he get to do his favorite thing? Playing football in the backyard and letting them win.


Jay-Z- A very proud papa, Jay-Z devoted an entire album to his daughter, spanning from the beginning of his wife, Beyoncé’s, pregnancy, until the end of the album where his daughter’s cries can be heard at only two days old.


Dwyane Wade- Whether this Miami Heat scorer has his children full time or not, he makes sure they are an active part of his life, even including them, and the nephew he is helping to raise, in his proposal to his new fiancée Gabrielle Union, having them hold signs asking her to marry them, the whole family, not just Wade.


Joel Madden- Determined not to be like his own father, Madden steps up his game with children Harlow and Sparrow, taking them on days out wherever he is going!


Peter Jackson- This director won’t let anything get in the way of his spending time with his children, even if it means casting them as extras in his Lord of the Rings movies!


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