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Excess of Ties? 14 Ways to Keep Them Tidy

He can’t blame his family. He’s a hard guy to shop for. And he will never admit that he thoroughly enjoys a vase of tulips. The problem with these Father’s Day gifts is that his closet floor is becoming more and more catastrophic with all those ties splayed about. It’s time for him to clean up his act and get his ties ordered and tidy. Maybe he might even integrate a few new ties into his standard wardrobe. Below are 14 ways to organize those ties for any type of organizer.


source: Pinterest

The Shower Curtain Hanger

Shower curtain rings are extremely inexpensive and can be crammed on a hanger, depending on how many you need. No need to remove them each time; the tie will slide right through. I would recommend a sturdy hanger. You don’t realize how heavy ties can be until you’re holding 50.

source: Pinterest

The Shoe Slots

This shoe hanger might be able to hold about 12 pairs of shoes. Convert it into a tie container, and you’ve got room for over 70 ties. Put it behind the closet door to keep it hidden.

source: Church Street Designs

The Bottle Crate

DIYers can let themselves get carried away arranging the size and number of slots from this old bottle crate. Paint it to go with you room and hang it on the wall as a cute decoration. Or slide it in a drawer and out of sight.

source: Indulgy

The Decorative Wardrobe

Like all your accessories to be displayed? Or maybe you would just like all your ties to be in full view when you change. Add as many hooks to the wall as you need. For a picturesque display, add a frame of crown molding around all the hooks for a decorative effect.

source: Pinterest

The Clothes Pin Hangers

This is a project your kids can get in on. Add a clothes pin per tie on the side of a shelf or along the bottom of a hanger. They are just as easy to put away as they are is to grab.

source: Space Manager

The Closet Siding

Such a great use for wasted wall space. You can use any kind of pole from nice closet rods to cheap and easy PVC pipes. A hundred or more ties will fit with a clear view and easy access to each.

source: Amazon

The Store Bought Clips

Not the biggest fan of DIY projects? This a great store bought option. The ties slide easily onto the clips, and the rod can be placed on any wall.

source: Rev-A-Shelf

The Side Storage

Another store bought option. This shelf can be installed to the side of any dresser. A good way to keep your ties visible and out of the way.

source: The Nest

The Dividing Container

This cute and lightweight box will keep several of your ties cozy as they wait for your use. Buy a few for extra storage. These will fit neatly anywhere from in a drawer to on a shelf to under the bed.

source: Cedar Hill Farmhouse

The Peg Board

Have an extra square of space on the wall? Instead of a picture, consider a peg board to show off all your neat ties. Not only decorative, but useful as it keeps all your ties visible as you get ready for the day.

source: Amazon

The Fancy Revolver

Even men once dreamed of an electronic revolving closet. A taste of his dream can come true with this revolving tie hanger. Hang it in the closet or on the wall.

source: Kiddoodles Inc.

The Ties Within the Tie

Another store bought find. This tie holder can hold several ties and will only take up as much room as your favorite shirt.

source: The 30 Day Diaries

The Tie Hanger

Slide as many ties as you want on the pegs and it will hang nice and compact in the closet or on the door.

source: MacGyverisms

The Cute Knobs

This project is so cute it can be placed right in the open as decoration for your room. Paint it any colors you like. Add funky knobs or even more to increase storage. Or keep it to just a few for his favorite go-to ties.


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