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Eleven New Lemonades to Love

Colorful fruits are combined with lemon juice to create refreshing, ice-cold drinks specifically for hot summer days. So put down the packets of Country Time powder and try one of these refreshing recipes:

Hot Pink Lemonade

Don’t let the neon color fool you—this bright drink is actually blueberry lemonade in disguise.  

Amy’s Lavender Lemonade

This recipe combines lavender and fresh lemon juice to produce a soothing drink that is pale pink in color.

Watermelon and Strawberry Lemonade

Eight cups of seedless watermelon serve as the base for this for this thicker lemonade, while lemon juice and strawberries add tang and flavor.

Roasted Peach Lemonade

Peaches baked with sugar are then blended with lemonade to create this foamy, sweet-meets-sour beverage.

Sparkling Grape Juice Lemonade

Bunches of frozen grapes are added to this easy-to-make concoction for a fruity blend of flavors.

Kiwi Lemonade

This green lemonade relies on pureed kiwi and carbonated water to provide a refreshing summer surprise.

Blue Slime Sipper

Perfect for kids, this foggy blue beverage is brought to life by blueberry gelatin and lemon-lime soda.

Sunny Orange Lemonade

Lemon juice and orange juice meet to form sips of citrusy goodness.

Raspberry Vanilla Lemonade

Vanilla extract and a vanilla bean are mixed with raspberries (or the berry of your choice!) to achieve this unique lemonade flavor.  

Apple Lemonade

Simply stirring apple juice and lemon juice together brings your taste buds a double-fruit flavor.

Strawberry Lemonade

A timeless summer classic, this strawberry lemonade is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

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