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Delightful Dorm Decor: DIY College Inspiration

It’s the time of year when college kids are heading back to school or leaving home for the first time! Dorm rooms and student apartments can sometimes feel a little barren, especially when they’re small, so here are some cheap decor ideas and tips to make your (or your college kid’s) dorm room feel a little more like home away from home. Make sure you know what your college’s rules are before you start to hang anything on the walls.

1.    Washi Tape Washi tape is like patterned masking tape and can be bought at most craft stores or online. It’s an easy, fun way to decorate your standard dorm room furniture without damaging it, and can also add some color to your space. You can edge your shelves, dresser, or desk with it, create quick poster frames, or simply use it to brighten your walls.

2.    Wire Letters Wire letters can be an easy way to personalize your room without the mess of a DIY project. Hang them using Command Hooks so you don’t break regulations. They can be found at PB Teen or on Etsy.

3.    Photo Mural To make the room feel larger, create a DIY wall photo mural.

4.   Marquee Sign DIY a light-up sign with cardboard and twinkle lights.

5.   Cupcake Flower Lights Make a flower light garland out of twinkle lights and cupcake liners.

6.    Clothesline Picture Holder Instead of using sticky tack to hang your photo collection on your walls, try making a picture holder out of string and clothespins.

7.    Shoebox Charging Strip Making a charging strip out of an old shoebox and some paper is an easy way to hide that unsightly mass of tangled wires under your desk.

8.    Regulation-Safe Bed Canopy Create a canopy around your bed for a cozier feeling of having your own space.

9.    Cookie Sheet Magnet Boards Buy or make magnetic boards out of cookie sheets to hang above your desk or bed. They’ll provide a cute and convenient way to hang up photos, lists, or important notes, and they’ll make your walls feel less blank.

10. Crate Cushion Seats Make some milk crate cushions for additional seating. They can be useful for when you have friends visit, and can be used for storage when you’re not sitting on them.

11. Stick-On Wall Decals  Wall decals are a great way to add some personality to any dorm room. You can find decals at most Targets, Wal Marts, or on Etsy.

12. DIY Earring Holder Make a picture frame earring holder both for organizational and decorational purposes.

13. Wallpaper Sheets  Removable wallpaper sheets will break up some of the white monotony of college dorm room walls.

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