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Christmas tradition: Visits from the Fee family

The day after Thanksgiving the children at our house busy themselves, making elaborate cookie and candy houses for the little Fee’ family that will come from the North Pole to visit until Christmas. Now the main job of this family is to check up on the children and report back to Santa that they have been good boys and girls.

Our kids create houses with ice skating ponds so the Fees can enjoy the rink. They design slides that start at the top of the roof and shoot down onto a toboggan run that extends to the end of the garden. Candy trees dot the yard connected with licorice vines that the Fees can swing from. They make sleds, like Santa’s, that the Fees can fly around the house, and every other thing that imaginations can think up.

The Fees that come to our house every year are Uncle Henry and Aunt Agatha who try to keep their niece and nephew, Tom and Martha, under control. But Tom and Martha get mixed up in silly adventures that our children and grandchildren love. Tom has broken his leg on the toboggan run, and been locked in the cupboard by a mouse. Martha has tried to sneak some lollipops from the pantry where she accidentally dumped all the soup cans on the floor.

Every night the children write letters to the Fees and during the middle of the night the Fees write back. They make sure to tell our children that they love their piano practicing, how fast they can say their math facts, or how quick they are to clean up the table from dinner.

If the day has been very busy and our kids haven’t had time to write their letter to the Fees, they call their message from the fire place up the chimney. Sometimes the Fees only have time to draw a quick picture about the night’s adventures because they accidentally got shut in the dog house by the cat or stuck up the chimney surrounded by an army of live miniature marshmallows.

Invite the Fees to your house and have as much fun as the imaginations living with you can think up.

Happy Holidays.


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