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Choose to Live the Abundant Life

Even though she was born in the slums of Buffalo, New York, with a grandmother and aunt who struggled to provide for her, she always looks for the good in life.

As a young girl, she became an abuse survivor. After her rape, the state welfare system buffeted her from place to place. She endured her abuser’s trial, gave the baby up for adoption, and went on with her life.

Later she married, but following the births of her two little boys, her husband abandoned her. About this time, friends encouraged her to join a religious group, and she felt for the first time in her life like she belonged to a large loving family. The members advised her to get an education; and after graduating from college, she worked as a reference librarian for a major university.

Her boys grew, and she loved and nurtured them.

At age twenty, her oldest son was killed in a hit-and-run accident. She felt devastated, wondering if she was forever doomed to be abandoned by her family.

This tragedy became a turning point for her. She decided to change her life—surround herself with the love of family, friends and neighbors. She wanted an abundance of devoted relationships at the center of her existence.

She reconnected with her mother and aunt. She found her adopted son. She loves and cares for her younger son and three wonderful grandchildren. She has delightful white-haired neighbors she visits each day, and dear friends in her religious organization and her community.

Her goodness draws people to her. She’s a great listener and shares her wisdom and insight freely. I love her laugh, and especially her infectious  giggle. She pens poetry, studies southwest Indian culture, and has written a self-help book for abuse survivors.

Even though her life has been plagued with hardships, she is an example of choosing to live and love abundantly. Happiness is her reward.


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