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The Amazing World of Video Game Development


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2023 NSTA Best STEM Book of the Year

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, or online—the ways to play a video game are endless and varied, just like the jobs and skills it takes to make a video game. It's so much more than just coding!

Award-winning video game developer Denis Galanin dives deep into the world of video game development, from the art team to the music, from pre-development to release. With cool video-game style illustrations and simple, child-friendly information on the most essential topics in game design, The Amazing World of Video Game Development is the perfect introduction for young gamers and future developers. Whether your child wants to learn more about the process or enter into the game development universe, this book will put the controller in their hands!


About Denis Galanin

Denis Galanin is an Independent game developer from the Urals with over eighteen years of experience in the video game industry and with more than twenty released games and more than thirty different awards. He's best known as the creator of Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement and The Franz Kafka Videogame. Time, NBC News, and New York Daily Newswrote about his games.

Product Details

Page Count: 32
ISBN-10: 1641707496
ISBN-13: 9781641707497
Product Format: Hardback – Paper Over Boards

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