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The cover of the picture book The Overlook Book.

The Overlook Book


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Through the intricate art of paper collage, Megan Fullmer Perrys The Overlook Book invites children and adults alike to explore diverse perspectives and engage in meaningful conversations about friendship, love, and kindness.
Our initial view of a situation doesn’t always allow us to see the whole picture. Only by looking at an issue from a different perspective can we gain a better understanding. The Overlook Book: Change Your Perspective, Change the World encourages readers to see things from a different perspective in a very literal way.
Showing scenes from one viewpoint and then pivoting to an aerial view helps readers understand what is really going on in each scene and what vital details we might be missing with our limited view. Author and illustrator Megan Fullmer Perry’s colorful artwork is created using paper collages, so the images have a degree of depth, shadow, and texture from the layers of paper that mirror the layers of our understanding.
The Overlook Book invites readers to open their minds to new perspectives and explores concepts of friendship, family, support, love, inclusion, peace, and kindness.


About Megan Fullmer Perry

Product Details

Page Count: 32
ISBN-10: 1641709553
ISBN-13: 9781641709552
Product Format: Hardback – With dust jacket

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