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Teach Your Dog to Read


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Dog parents only want the best for their fur babies. With Teach Your Dog to Read, you can train your dog to recognize up to 20 different words and commands (yes, really!).

These spiral-bound flash cards have a simple word or short phrase on one side for your dog to read and a hilarious sketch just for you on the other. Using this book is no different than training your dog to sit. It’s a matter of showing them the word, saying it, and then sealing the deal with a treat. Action-oriented words or commands like walk, leash, down, and treat will pair nicely with your dog’s typical training, or you can use the book to train your dog and teach them to read simultaneously. Maybe next time you sit down to read with the family, your best friend can join in the fun!


About Susan Holt Simpson

Susan writes and enjoys life on one acre in northern Kentucky, which is well-patrolled by her now-grown family dog, Dottie. When Dottie allows, Susan volunteers in the community as a reading buddy, a parenting coach, and a writing mentor.

About Bernardo Franca

Product Details

Page Count: 64
ISBN-10: 164170733X
ISBN-13: 9781641707336
Product Format: Hardback

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