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Robots Don’t Make You Go to Bed


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In this quirky picture book by author Laurel Gale and illustrator Susanna Covelli, join Owen as he learns that a robot mother might seem like a good idea, but there are a few screws loose

When Owen wins a build-a-robot kit, he assembles what he hopes will be the perfect mother. Robots don’t make you eat your breakfast. Robots don’t make you clean up your toys. And robots definitely don’t make you go to bed. But there are some things that make mothers unique, and Owen soon realizes that a robot mother can never replace the real thing. With a Tim Burton-esque art style, a die-cut and embossed cover, and a gentle moral, Robots Don’t Make You Go to Bed is perfect for aspiring inventors and anyone with a mother.


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Product Details

Page Count: 32
ISBN-10: 1641705663
ISBN-13: 9781641705660
Product Format: Cloth Over Boards

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